Catch Up

It seems like I start out every blog post these days by acknowledging how long it’s been since the last one.  You’d expect the long absence would mean that I’d been busy doing interesting things and that I’d have plenty to write about, but the truth is, once you settle into a routine good writing habits can dry up on you.

That being said, life hasn’t been completely mundane.  Since this isn’t My Dear Diary, Lisa Frank Dolphins & Unicorns Edition, I won’t delve into how my relationship is going (great) or how constantly annoyed I am with the last minute schedule changes that seem to define the end of a Korean school semester.

I know what this is because of… my sister

This end also brings a turnover of the 30-odd foreign English teacher community here in Tongyeong as contracts end and teachers are replaced.  This reminds me a bit of Peace Corps, as every six months brought some turnover to the region I lived in due to the staggered nature of Peace Corps terms of service.  It’s always bittersweet as you say goodbye to people you’ve been working and playing with for the last year, but also exciting to see the new folks that will be your companions for the next one.

I’ll be staying for another go-around, as will several other of the folks I’ve had the good pleasure of meeting here.  At least, I’m pretty sure I am… they can’t get a contract in front of me soon enough.  The process is pretty opaque here, and uncertainty persists until much closer to your contract end date then you’d normally like, especially knowing that if something unexpected occurs and you aren’t re-signed, then you are well and truly screwed as you scramble to find some private school job at the last minute.  There is a truly tiny chance of that occurring, but like I said, can’t wait to see that contract physically in front of me.

Outside of this, my time is being consumed by preparing for summer camps and my much anticipated summer vacation after that.  I’ll actually be teaching two summer camps this time around, a week plus-long one at my regular school as well as a shorter three day stay at a small school on a nearby island.  They should be fairly easy, relaxed lessons, although I have a lot of work to do to prepare for them.

After that I’m heading to Thailand with the girlfriend and laying on a beach for a week.  This trip is especially exciting as she’s never been out of Korea, and I’m spending a good deal of my time lately ensuring this will be a seamless, pleasurable trip for us both.  That will get a full writeup, of course, but you’ll have to wait until late August for that.  I’ll try to keep on this blog a little more consistently as the school year wraps up, and I do have some interesting events coming up that should spur some creativity.  Like, I’m pretty sure I’ll have something to say about this:

Yep, mud festival on July 14th.  Can it top Cajamarca carnival?


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I spent two years neglecting my Peace Corps blog in Peru ( and now I've relocated to Korea (teaching English) and promise to get off my ass and write something every once in awhile...
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